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Reviewed 28 June 2019
Turned out awesome!
personalizing the ball was so easy on the website and it turned out looking just like the proof - love it!
Reviewed 27 June 2019
Reviewed 20 June 2019
So happy I found this site! The soccer ball came out exactly how I wanted it to! My 3 Year old Nephew was ecstatic! Everyone who sees it can’t resist a compliment! Thank you :)
Reviewed 07 June 2019
This product arrived exactly as advertised. The creation process was very user friendly and the ordering process was seamless. I was totally pleased when the balls arrived.
Reviewed 07 June 2019
This product arrived exactly as advertised. The creation process was very user friendly and the ordering process was seamless. I was totally pleased when the balls arrived.
Reviewed 06 June 2019
Awesome custom soccer ball and can’t wait to give it on Father’s Day
Amazing product, came in quickly and was exactly what I ordered
Reviewed 30 May 2019
She loved it!
Purchased as a grad gift for my granddaughter, who has played soccer since she could walk. Wanted to get her something special as she heads off to play college soccer, this was perfect. Got the 2 panel ball, high school colors
Reviewed 24 May 2019
Reviewed 22 May 2019
it came earlier than expected, produce was perfectly made! very satisfied
Reviewed 06 May 2019
Incredible Print Quality
This will be one of the most epic gifts I have ever given! The print quality is far better than I expected! Their turn-around time was on point as well! Great work guys!
Reviewed 05 May 2019
Great coaches gift!
Was so happy to come across this product. The process of customizing was a bit tricky at first but after a couple tries I had it finished in minutes. Delivery was quick and the picture turned out great! Lots of options to customize the ball.
Reviewed 30 April 2019
Great product!
I was very pleased with the soccer ball that I purchased. The pictures were clear. I’m looking forward to giving it as a gift.
Reviewed 20 March 2019
Reviewed 07 March 2019
Great trophy ball
We got exactly what we were looking for, a trophy, and I emphasize "trophy", soccer ball. We uploaded the photo we wanted on it and were surprised at the quality and clarity of it. Suggestion: why not offer the option of a higher quality, more expensive, ball. Some may want to use the ball for more that a trophy and use it to play.
Reviewed 03 January 2019
Reviewed 26 December 2018
Full Size Custom Soccer Ball
The ball had rich colors and arrived on time.
Reviewed 24 December 2018
Pretty good image quality but not very good ball, with large stitching, although that is to be expected because you are paying for the picture not the ball.
Reviewed 17 December 2018
Reviewed 10 December 2018
Reviewed 10 December 2018
Reviewed 10 December 2018
Reviewed 15 November 2018
I was very happy with my soccer ball. The process of making the ball was easy and there were plenty of graphics to choose from. The ball had bright colors in all the pictures and turned out great. I would highly recommend Make A Ball. Thank you for doing a great job.
Reviewed 08 November 2018
Custom soccer ball for high school seniors
I created 8 soccer balls for the senior players at our high school. They were a huge hit and look fantastic. I highly recommend.
Reviewed 02 November 2018
Reviewed 31 October 2018
We give these ball with our logo on them. We put our player name and number on too. They are for our senior players
Reviewed 31 October 2018
Our boys love these.
Reviewed 31 October 2018
We had 2 that were deflated but when i called they were immediately remade
Reviewed 31 October 2018
Reviewed 31 October 2018
Reviewed 31 October 2018
Reviewed 31 October 2018
Reviewed 31 October 2018
Reviewed 23 October 2018
We were SO happy with it!
We ordered a custom soccer ball as a "trophy" for my husband - he organized an inaugural soccer tournament. It turned out perfectly - the colors were more vibrant than the jpeg we sent!! Thank you for a perfect gift!!
Reviewed 16 October 2018
Excellent products
Love these balls and the quality of them
Reviewed 16 October 2018
Excellent products and customer service!
Love these products! Never been dissappointed
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 14 September 2018
Reviewed 24 August 2018
The greatest gift!!!!
Reviewed 05 June 2018
True to picture--only better! Our grandson loves his new, personalized soccer ball!
Reviewed 03 May 2018
Reviewed 16 March 2018
This ball will be used for my picture days. It was correct and well done
Reviewed 08 March 2018
Easy to use website. Love the quality. Good work.
Reviewed 19 February 2018
great quality - logos looks great and the ball is high quality - i will definitely order from you again!
Reviewed 21 December 2017
Size 3 Soccer Ball
Shipped fast and was put together very well, my legs ended up being a bit blue due to the color difference with the photos.
Reviewed 05 December 2017
Ball turns out amazing, exactly how it looks online when first creating it!!!
I really did not know what to expect from this site. I knew I needed a custom ball for my boyfriend's birthday but I had never heard of this company before so I was a bit skeptical. All of my worries instantly disappeared when I saw the ball. It looks better than I could have ever imagined! The images are so clear and such good quality too! This is definitely one of the best websites around to make a specialized and unique gift to give someone. And also, it arrived so quickly, I ordered it about two weeks ago and got it a week earlier than I had expected!
Reviewed 23 November 2017
Beautiful concept. looks great.
Reviewed 12 November 2017
Nice product, they fixed an error without complaint
The ball arrived it looked very nice but then I noticed that the inflation hole was not aligned with the hole in the ball so you could not inflate. I alerted them to this and they immediately offered to send a free replacement. We all make mistakes and they handled it as good as could be hoped for.
Reviewed 25 October 2017
Very happy with purchase. Looks great.
Reviewed 24 October 2017
Reviewed 19 October 2017
Reviewed 12 October 2017
Arrived on time, but it was missing writing!
I loved how it arrived by the time I wrote in my description; however, my ball was missing writing I had down in my design.
Reviewed 23 September 2017
When we received the item, within 5 minutes, part of the ball began peeling. I have been on hold with customer service twice for 20 minutes without anyone picking up.
Reviewed 19 July 2017
Reviewed 19 July 2017
Original and nice product!
Very happy with my custom soccer ball, delivered right on time! The online design software is easy to use and to understand, and the final product matches the description! Highly recommend it !
Reviewed 13 June 2017
Reviewed 07 June 2017
Love how it turned out
Reviewed 07 June 2017
Love how it turned out.
Reviewed 23 May 2017
Reviewed 24 April 2017
Could be better
Don't get me wrong i still like it, i just wish i could see it without the lines and stuff before i bought it. Also any time i tried to go back and change the background nothing would save, i would have to start over. Lastly, i would have liked the picture to be a little brighter, like the actual picture, cuz it looked a little faded, but if i want another custom ball i will most likely use this company again. thx!!!
Reviewed 17 April 2017
Somehow they managed to make the worst soccer ball I've ever bought
I was very excited to make a few custom soccer balls for my pick-up team. The ball took a few weeks to arrive which surprised me but, maybe I'm just used to Amazon. Upon unboxing the package I noticed immediately that the ball was not symmetrical. Disappointed I figured maybe it just needed to be inflated for a few days to round out. We've played 4 scrimmages with it and the seams on the ball are already falling apart. The black rubber casing underneath is popping out. I've owned a dozen balls, of which I usually keep them for hundreds of games and they never have had this problem. The ball never rounded out. We are stuck playing with an oblong ball. I've never been more disappointed with a purchase. If they cost $10 each, i would be disappointed but understand that I just bought a cheap ball. At $50 each these should meet normal expectations of a soccer ball.
Reviewed 24 March 2017
Great Product
Fast Shipping and it was nice, but you should have the option to change the picture for all the black hexagons it would look nicer
Reviewed 26 January 2017
Reviewed 02 January 2017
Reviewed 26 December 2016
Reviewed 23 December 2016
Reviewed 23 December 2016
Reviewed 23 December 2016
Super Excited
My daughter asked for a lucky soccer ball for Christmas. We got online and found this website and it surpassed our expectations! The ball came out beautifully and we cannot wait to see her face!
Reviewed 16 December 2016
I am a gift snob and this is perfect. They are even better than I expected. I ordered three and am showing them to everyone so this company stays in business. Spreading the word I am so pleased. If more nieces and nephew start playing sports they will receive these as future gifts.
Reviewed 08 December 2016
not a fan of the design it yourself .
Reviewed 08 December 2016
Perfect present for my son from Santa. Very helpful and omitting team at Makeaball.
Reviewed 01 December 2016
Reviewed 22 November 2016
Great gift idea !
I loved the customer service I received through my transaction. Very cool gift idea. Expensive in price for the ball, but over all I was satisfied. Thank You
Reviewed 10 November 2016
Reviewed 20 September 2016
very easy to order and arrived as per schedule and everything I expected it to be
Reviewed 13 July 2016
Reviewed 10 July 2016
Reviewed 10 July 2016
Reviewed 10 July 2016
Reviewed 10 July 2016
Reviewed 23 June 2016
Great product that matches the description!
Awesome and unique gift for a micro soccer team. I believe the parents appreciated the ball even more than the players!!! Great job!!!
Reviewed 18 June 2016
Soccer-mad nephew thrilled with surprise, personalized ball!
Great options to add your own touches; good selection of fonts, backgrounds and other stock design features.
Reviewed 16 June 2016
It was the best gift
Loved it I'm going to order one for every birthday
Reviewed 15 June 2016
soccer ball
Loved it!! Bought this for daughter and she absolutely loved it .
Reviewed 03 June 2016
Looks amazing, better than expected.
Reviewed 31 May 2016
Impressive Coaches Gift!
The on line process was easy to use. Highly recommend paying the extra $5 for the design services. They will make sure that it is perfect before proceeding. Quality of the photo and ball were great. Will likely use this company again for future gifts.
Reviewed 31 May 2016
GREAT product and UNMATCHED customer service!
This was by far the best customer service experience I have had online in forever. The team is very responsive to online, email and phone inquiries and I always felt a priority in satisfying my request. Not only did they accommodate a rigid timeframe, they did so without ANY hassle. I will do business with this company again in the future. Diana and the rest of the team are fantastic. Thank you for a GREAT job done!
Reviewed 31 May 2016
Reviewed 24 May 2016
Sadly wasnt what I expected
I made two unfortunate assumptions because of the expensive price that the product was a premium soccer ball. This ball is but just a toy....two) the ball should be the same color all the way around. The toy ball even looks worse by the displacementof contoured color. It is unfortunate because the concept is fantastic. I do greatly apprecite the attempt.
Reviewed 20 May 2016
These custom soccer balls were flawless! Above my expectations for quality and durability. I highly recommend! Quick and easy design and production process
Reviewed 11 May 2016
Kids are going to LOVE this
This was a sample order just to be sure I wanted to carry these products. I am really thrilled with the great image color and the quality of the balls. Thanks for giving us another fun product to offer kids.
Reviewed 19 March 2016
Better than I expected!!!
The pictures came out nice and clear. The material feels nice. The only con was the time it takes to make them!! But it was worth the wait, I know we cant rush perfection, but I was anxious to see my ball!! Overall, everything is great from beginning to end! Thank you for my ball and I'm sure it won't be the last time I will be purchasing!! :)
Reviewed 19 March 2016
Better than I expected!!!
The pictures came out nice and clear. The material feels nice. The only con was the time it takes to make them!! But it was worth the wait, I know we cant rush perfection, but I was anxious to see my ball!! Overall, everything is great from beginning to end! Thank you for my ball and I'm sure it won't be the last time I will be purchasing!! :)
Reviewed 16 March 2016
A great experience from start to finish! The custom made Soccer Ball was a hit! The website is very user friendly with many options for customization. The product was delivered ahead of the scheduled delivery date. The #5 Soccer Ball appears very well constructed. I have been asked by others for the website as they are impressed with the design capabilities, construction and cost.
Reviewed 08 March 2016
Love it
Our soccer ball pictures turned out better than I thought they possibly could. Great customer service too. We will order again.
Reviewed 29 February 2016
Reviewed 23 February 2016
The soccer ball looked amazing and arrived in tom for our event. Thanks.
Reviewed 16 February 2016
My niece was over the moon when I surprised her with her on personal soccer ball. Being a 5 year old she showed everyone she could find.
Reviewed 16 February 2016
My nephew was so surprised by his Soccer ball and loved it!
Reviewed 03 February 2016
Reviewed 02 February 2016
Very Happy!!
I had a soccer ball made for my daughters baby shower with my soon-to-be grandson's name personalized on it. And as people came into the hall, they they signed a personal message on the ball. Everyone that came into the shower had something positive to say about the ball and how it was such a great idea. They love the way it came out. I love it, im a very happy costumer.
Reviewed 02 February 2016
Reviewed 22 January 2016
Easy to design, received promptly, pleased with product upon receipt
Reviewed 05 January 2016
Looked Great!
I ordered a soccer ball and uploaded a custom image. The product looked great.
Reviewed 04 January 2016
Great product!
I am very pleased with the final product - very high quality.
Reviewed 04 January 2016
Great product!
The site was easy to use. I am very pleased with the quality of the finished product.
Reviewed 02 January 2016
Looks great!
Thanks Make a Ball! Awesome service.
Reviewed 31 December 2015
My Friend Loved the Gift!
The ball came out just as I designed it and my friend loved the gift. My only gripe would be that the tools were a bit limited and I had to do a workaround. Besides that, everything was great.
Reviewed 30 December 2015
As promised!
The soccer ball looks great. Both pics are clear and the wording and background work great with the pics I uploaded.
Reviewed 29 December 2015
Very impressed with the soccer ball I ordered for my grandaughter for Christmas. I also ordered the stand to put in on the shelf with her other medals etc. You did a great job and will order again for one of my other grandchildren. Have told a lot of people about the ball. Very good job! Toni Senff
Reviewed 29 December 2015
Reviewed 29 December 2015
This was an awesome present! She loved it, thank you!!!
Reviewed 28 December 2015
This memorial soccer ball arrived Christmas Eve and was presented to JK's parents and grandparents. It was,by far, the perfect gift to them. Jacob ,age 12, died this past July 1st in a tragic accident in a State Park close by. He loved soccer. He wanted to become a professional soccer player. His death has affected so many people including myself and luckily I was able to find your website and create the ultimate gift to his loved ones.
Reviewed 22 December 2015
I am very happy with the product I received. Thank you and Happy Holidays
Reviewed 22 December 2015
Santa built this ball for our daughter. She has not seen it but we have and it is fantastic! She wanted a unicorn themed ball with her name and number on it. Also could it have a flying pig too. We just received it and can't wait for her to see it. It arrive quickly and we were communicated with via email every step of the way. Will definitely recommend to others.
Reviewed 22 December 2015
Reviewed 20 December 2015
Reviewed 17 December 2015
Great gift that matches the description!
I ordered this gift as a secret Santa and it turned out perfect! The app you use to create the image is spot on! I will definitely be coming back here!
Reviewed 17 December 2015
Easy to do, product was delivered on time and looks great.
Reviewed 15 December 2015
This baseball is great!
It was a pleasure dealing with Make a Ball. Their staff extended courtesy, patience
Reviewed 04 December 2015
the tinier size 3 soccer ball is just as cute as the bigger ones. Fit for a smaller child. This company in my eyes is the best company I have ever dealt with on the Internet. I give them 5 stars for SURE!
Reviewed 04 December 2015
Oh my goodness, I have never in my life worked with a better company on-line. I submitted a picture of my 5 grandsons along with their names and I received these balls which look even better than I had ever hoped they would. They are a fantastic gift to offer grandchildren. The company even put each one of their names on the soccer balls. I was totally elated with this company and the soccer balls. I would love to tell anyone to do business with this company for sure!
Reviewed 16 November 2015
Awesome design
I asked the team to design the ball for me and it was very well designed by the team
Reviewed 16 November 2015
Great soccer ball
I made these for the six seniors on my team. They turned out perfect. Couldn't be happier.
Reviewed 10 November 2015
Very pleased with the product. Looks exactly as designed.
Reviewed 30 October 2015
personalized soccer ball
Very happy with the soccer ball.
Reviewed 30 October 2015
Fantastic! Exactly like I wanted!
Reviewed 29 October 2015
Exceeded my expectations!
It looked even better than I thought it would! Great quality, pictures are great quality, it's just awesome. This was part of my proposal to my girlfriend :) Thank you!
Reviewed 12 October 2015
Custom Ball
Very pleased with the quality of the product
Reviewed 07 October 2015
Great quality stitching, graphics are perfect!
Reviewed 23 September 2015
The ball looks amazing
The quality of the pictures is very good and the whole ball looks amazing. It was easy to 'assemble' the collage using their online tool. I'm very happy with it!
Reviewed 31 August 2015
Overall Great
It was a great birthday gift for my friend. The picture was a bit crooked but that was okay. The ad for deliveryou was 2-3 weeks wit took about a month to get to my house and her birthday had already past. I was upset at this. Otherwise it is a great product.
Reviewed 11 August 2015
bad quality
I thought the ball would be good quality , but it wasn't. the ball case was extremely hard to set up . lol so hard I have decided to leave it alone for some days. I literally cannot get the wrap off. but yeah ive bought lots of soccer balls from sports authority ect. and the quality is very bad compared to those. the ball is very soft and feels and looks like a child model of a actual real soccer ball. I understand that its custom and I appreciate the customer service , that was great !! but I wish there was a way to fix my problem with the ball. it was a gift for someone and I have decided not to hive it to them ,
Reviewed 14 July 2015
I LOVE IT! Thank you guys so much. I know the birthday girl will love it just as much I did. Amazing job!
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