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Reviewed 18 May 2019
This megaphone is such bad quality
When ordering the megaphone we were so excited about selling it! When it arrived we excepted it to be bigger. The image we took is high quality and when it arrived there were marks on it like the printer didn’t have enough ink and it had a blue/green tint to it. The megaphone itself appears to be made of cardboard or some flimsy cheap material and I can not sell this to my clients and make any profit.
Reviewed 17 December 2018
Reviewed 17 December 2018
Reviewed 17 December 2018
Reviewed 17 December 2018
Reviewed 27 November 2018
The Product Was NOT What We Wanted!
We had some issues with what we received. To start, the color of the product was the wrong color. On what we ordered it was royal blue, but what we received was dark blue almost navy. The next problem was our design came out wrong on one of the megaphones we ordered. The design was not centered and not well done. Another problem we had was the two megaphones we bought were uneven, one being taller than the other. Also, the rim around the top and bottom seem to be made of cheap plastic that tries to pop off. Overall my team and I are unhappy with the results of the two megaphones we ordered.
Reviewed 08 November 2018
Very sturdy and well made. Looked better than I expected.
Reviewed 08 November 2018
Reviewed 16 October 2018
Reviewed 21 September 2018
Reviewed 06 September 2018
Reviewed 20 July 2018
The megaphone is fanastic
The megaphone was much nicer than I expected and the customer was thrilled with it. Thank you Make A Ball!
Reviewed 16 May 2018
Packaged Poor and Sticker Imperfections
While ordering the megaphones I received FANTASTIC customer service. Quick responses to my questions and even free shipping when I added a third megaphone to my original order. I was extremely excited for my order to come in. There were two boxes, the first was packaged well with bubble wrap. However, the second had no bubble wrap and clearly had been banged around during shipping. All three megaphones had imperfections from the sticker applications. Bubbles and creasing appeared in multiple areas and the megaphone that was packaged poorly had more scratches. From far away things are not very noticeable however, in my experience with putting vinyl stickers on things I expected higher quality. Customer service was surprisingly helpful during ordering but the final product was not of great quality.
Reviewed 08 May 2018
Love product
I love the megaphones they have been a hit with customers just need better turn around time.
Reviewed 19 April 2018
(Ditto on the megaphone)Exceeded my expectation
This product really exceeded my expectations. Excellent quality, fast turn around, excellent print quality. This product will definitely boost my sales.
Reviewed 24 October 2017
Color issues
This is the 2nd megaphone that I have ordered. There are still color issues when I received it back.
Reviewed 20 September 2017
Another great gift from Make-a-ball! Going to give it to my granddaughter for Christmas!
Reviewed 20 September 2017
What a great gift idea for my cheerleader granddaughter! The quality is awesome, and it is just the perfect size! Not too big, not too small!
Reviewed 20 September 2017
Reviewed 29 August 2017
This is a very cool product!
Built well and sure to be a hit with cheer teams, A really good value.
Reviewed 28 June 2017
Color was a little darker than what I thought.
Reviewed 24 March 2017
Great product! Thank you.
Reviewed 01 March 2017
The Mega phone that I ordered came back well beyond my expectations.
Reviewed 23 February 2017
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